How to sell with us

We can help you sell your fashion treasures really easily. Fill in a sales form and wait for your special offer. After making all the quality assessments we will contact you within one or two days with a commercial offer.

• Based on the details of the item, we may buy the item directly from you or accept it on consignment until it is sold.
• We provide you with an initial price for your item(s) based on value, condition, demand and other factors.
• After confirming the method of sale and agreeing on a price and our percentage, you can leave your item with us or we can arrange for it to be delivered to your doorstep at your convenience.
• Our Authentication Team will then proceed with Authentication and Quality.
• If the item passes authentication and quality control, we'll take care of it if it needs minor repairs/polishing/cleaning and confirm the final payment for your item.
• Our professional photographers and writers will shed light on your favorite item to captivate our customers.
• The item will be kept in our shop/warehouse until final sale.

When selling the item(s) directly to us, please be aware that:
• Our payment process is secure, simple and fast, you can expect payment within 10 business days after an item is listed on our website.

To submit goods(s) for consignment:
• You can set the selling price for your item and we will add our commission to the final selling price on our website.
• You will receive payment after the item is sold and delivered to the customer.
• You can expect payment 5 business days after the item is sold on our site and delivered to a new customer.
• You can apply a discount to broaden your reach and increase your chances of selling it faster, in which case we will also recalculate our percentage on the new agreement.

General Sales Policy:
A service fee ($120 for photography, writing, authentication, and other services/repair fee/shipping and delivery fee, if applicable) is charged per item if:
• You are asking to cancel the sale process after we have started the quality control and authentication process.
• Until the end of the delivery period (3 months in the UAE / 6 months for the rest of the world).
• The product has not been authenticated or quality tested.

What are you selling?
We accept bags from Dubai and Abu-Dhabi
Please follow our guidelines to select the most accurate condition grade of your item
Follow the tips below while uploading images